Oh Friday. You wonderful, silly little goofball. What a day. Seriously. What a day.

The week is over. I don’t have to work tomorrow. I don’t have to get out of bed at all if I don’t want. I can stay up late and not feel any twinges of regret. No worries about how tired I will be in the morning. That Friday Feeling. So nice.

It’s like that “it’s not a school night” feeling has never gone away. Like that feeling getting ready to watch TGIF TV as a kid has never gone away. It still feels like I am about to watch Perfect Strangers and Just the 10 of Us. 


It’s meaning has definitely changed over the years. 20 years ago? Not a school night for sure. ABC’s TGIF for sure. Mr Belvedere? Yes, please.

A decade ago? All about getting through work as soon as possible so I could get drunk. Get to someone’s house and play some drinking games. Get to the club and get a few shots. Tequila? Yes, please! Then awkwardly hang out and not meet any new people. And then nurse a hangover for most of Saturday.

Then I got into radio broadcasting. And Friday night was, for about 8 years and 8 or 9 months per year, all about being at the rink. All about hockey. He shoots, he scores? Yes, please!

And now Friday is all about playing some basketball and then getting home so I can hang out with my girlfriend. Maybe watch a movie. Relax. Reconnect after a busy week. Unwind. Snuggles on the couch with my J? I think you know the answer to that one.

And now I want to add to my Friday with a weekly blog post. Things for which I feel grateful. I was listening to that podcast that Armin recommended the other day (Ted Radio Hour – Simply Happy) and being grateful is a huge part of being happy. The two are linked just like Friday and playing the drinking game “quarters” used to be linked. (Speed Quarters took things to a new level. But you’ll have to read my book to find out about that)

A few years ago as part of my battle to overcome depression gratitude was one of the many thought processes that I tried to cultivate. For the better part of 18 months I journaled every single day. And as part of that therapeutic process I would write three things for which I was grateful. Each day. And I couldn’t re-use them. So it had to be three new things each day.

By the time I felt like I didn’t need to do that anymore I was grateful for really specific things. Rubbing my feet on carpet after a long day. The smell after a summer’s rain shower. Pillows. That thing where something happens that you and another person see and in a flash you share a silent moment of like “yeah that just happened and it was awesome” as you pass each other. Really good cutlery. Pastrami. I could go on.

Recently as my girlfriend and I went through our purge I got rid of all of those old journals. I don’t need them anymore. They just weighed me down. And they were very difficult to look through. Although it is nice to see that I put that work in and turned things around for myself. They are positives in my life but I don’t need them or the emotions they illicit anymore. So they’ve been shredded.

But now I think maybe I could have used them. Because I am looking for patterns. (This is the part where we get to what this has to do with finding my purpose) I figure if I write a blog every Friday with all the things that I am grateful for from the past week a pattern will emerge. And that pattern should help me discern my purpose in terms of my career path.

What do I want to do?

The things I am grateful for should be things that make me happy. That inflame my passions. That excite. I would think that those are the kinds of things you want to do with your working time as well.

So here we go. In no particular order 20 things I am grateful for from the past week:

  1. The support of my partner. Her reaction to this blog idea. The way it makes me feel when I write. The time I am carving out to do this. Bouncing ideas off of her. Everything that I need she has provided and more.
  2. Support and guidance from my friends and family as well.
  3. The time I spent with family. Wednesday when I got home from work with this blog idea in tow and again this afternoon.
  4. Spending time outdoors with my work at Canada Post.
  5. Interacting with interesting people. From quick exchanges to longer conversations.
  6. Not getting stuck in my driveway.
  7. Having food in the house and money in the bank.
  8. The enjoyment I get from making lunches and dinners.
  9. Coffee.
  10. Coffee shops.
  11. Music. Without my music player I don’t know what I would do at work to pass the time while I sort mail.
  12. Physical and Mental fitness. Meditation, yoga, basketball, and reading. And NetFlix for the times I needed to just relax and veg out.
  13. Naps.
  14. Manchester United.
  15. My senses. I love smells especially. I love smells. Such an Brick Tamland thing to say.
  16. My health.
  17. Coffee.
  18. Travel mugs for coffee.
  19. Blogs. What would I have done 20 years ago if I wanted to write stuff and put it out there for people to see? Posted it on a lamp post?
  20. The Library. Books. For free. Whenever you want. That’s cool.

Well. That’s the first twenty things that came to my mind. Yes, coffee is on their twice. I had to control myself or it would have been on there a few more. In the future I might leave out the obvious things like coffee, love and support, food related topics and naps.

Now my next trick is to try and keep these things in mind more often. And to be grateful for good things that happen to me WHILE they are happening. Definitely setting myself some lofty goals here so far.

Check again next Friday to see if I can keep myself from writing coffee 20 times. And feel free to share a few things you are grateful for down in the comments section. I am looking for all the inspiration I can get.