I’ve decided to be a bit “bulletpointy” with my Monday posts. I like the idea of a few shorter posts to begin the week. Save the more in-depth and challenging topics for a day of the week that isn’t the worst!

And hey with my Friday gratitude post and now my Monday musings? Heck, this blog is practically writing itself!

So without too much further ado…..here is the first of many Monday Musings. Hopefully in the future I can post this in the morning for some extra alliteration!


I am currently reading a book that I took out of the library, and showed you in picture form here on the blog, the other day. It’s entitled, Delusions of Gender and it’s by Cordelia Fine.

When I am done reading this wonderful book I will do my best to write a review that’s a little more interesting and in-depth than, “it’s freaking awesome” which is how I feel about it now as I read it.

Today I came across an interesting passage during a discussion of gender divisions in the workforce and a lack of those divisions in certain sectors of the workforce in Armenia. Within this fascinating discussion I stumble across a paragraph about Armenian’s relationship with work. Which is, essentially, have money and stability from work and get meaning in life from friends and family. Work is work. Relationships are meaning. And it makes sense for a former Soviet Republic to have that sort of relationship with work. You can imagine that lining up for bread would train a person to value money and stability.

Now this is a book I saw on a shelf and rented because it looked interesting. I literally judged it by it’s cover. I took it out because it’s a topic we’ve been discussing a lot lately in  our home and it interests me. “Maybe there’s a future meaningful career related to this field” is a thought I may have had.

And that may be the case. It is fascinating. But I love how within this book I find a little nugget that relates to what I blogged about yesterday and what I have been thinking about a lot for a few days.

This is all to say that the universe makes me think I am on the right track.


Also, Armin reached out to me today through the blog and I am now connected to him through his Instagram account. Which is worth checking out.


A scientist and a cartoonist. A professional twice over. The world’s first scientoonist. Let’s hope he doesn’t get arrested for his business cards!

(That’s a reference to the amazing TV show Arrested Development. This clip makes me howl with laughter. Arrested Development Clip)


And finally my current dilemma.

You see I want to start reading a newspaper. And the reason for that decision is part of this discovery journey that I am on. My plan is to read newspaper articles and then hope that a pattern emerges. A pattern that would show me the topics that I find most interesting. Topics that make me angry or really sad. Topics that make my heart pound. Topics that inflame.

But what paper? And do I really want a physical copy of that paper?

I am torn. Part of me loves the idea of sitting in my chair and reading my paper while having a cup of coffee. It feels very grown up. Mature. And I am pronouncing that in my head like “matt-tour”. Cause I am sophisticated.

But I also don’t love the idea of using that much paper everyday. It feels like I would be enlarging my “footprint” by reading a paper every day. But then I can recycle it right? So is that such a big consideration? I love reading actual physical copies of books but because of my belief in the value of books I can overcome that guilt.

I think in the end for me a digital subscription is the way to go. But I am not thrilled about not having a copy of the paper. And then I have to decide which paper. National? Local? International? I think it would be fun to read an English paper because anything English is cool.

AND THEN I think what about political leaning? Do I want to read a liberal leaning paper to reinforce my beliefs? Or a more conservative leaning paper so as to challenge those beliefs and try to see things from a different perspective?

As you can see I have a lot to think about.

And I may not get to it tonight as I am stuck on YouTube watching Arrested Development clips.