Last week I agreed to help out at work by doing a little extra each day. Maybe only an additional 2 hours of work per day tops. It would help me by making me a little extra money and it would help out at work because we are really short staffed. A classic “win win” situation. Until I got to work this morning and had to cash that cheque that my mouth wrote last week. It’s so much easier to say yes to extra work on Friday then to actually face up to doing it on Monday. Safe to say I was grumpy this morning.

But I got through it and hear I am back to the blog.

It’s Monday. So time for a few short points.


I’m planning a post tomorrow and it’s got a lot to do with goals. Setting and working towards goals is amazing. It’s helped me in so many ways in the last 7 or 8 years I can’t even begin to tell you. (Well, actually I can tell you but….more on that in a moment.)

The only problem I have with goals is that one aspect of goals and goal setting gets over looked. A crucial aspect.

So you better read tomorrow’s blog post!


On a somewhat side not I would like to thank everyone for the kind comments and feedback I have been getting. I am glad people seem to be connecting with what I am sharing and with the journey I am on.

If you like the blog please tell people about it. Share it around. Help me connect with even more people. Anyone with interest in self-help, mental health, fitness, transformations, or any other topic that might gain some motivation or encouragement from my writing. Please help them find it.


I’ve finished my first book of what I hope will be many over the course of this journey. If nothing else comes of this blog experience I hope to say it help spark my love of reading again.

When I was a kid I read a lot. Like every night before bed for what felt like hours. And then I started watching late night talk shows with Craig Kilborn and the next thing you know I am being forced to read A LOT in university. Before too long I wasn’t reading for pleasure at all.

I got back into the habit a little when I was working on myself. I read a lot of self-help books. And then when I bussing around first Northern BC and then Saskatchewan with nothing to do but either read a book or watch Hot Tub Time Machine. Again. That’s a classic no-brainer.

But with work and life and NetFlix and games on the ipad I haven’t been reading much the past few years. I’m excited to be back into it.

I am reading right now about how to “blog a book”.


Which brings me to my next point. I am going to blog my book. Right here. On this very blog. Starting probably next week you are going to see my normal daily blog post plus a few times a week I am going to publish pieces of my book.

They will appear in order so that you can read them each time they are posted and over the course of a few months you will have read my book. I get to publish it. Some people get to read it. Perfect.

That means I am going to have to finish editing it but on the plus side I only have to finish editing a little bit at a time. Just as much as I am going to post.

Nothing beats breaking up a task into multiple smaller and easily completed tasks.


Reading and writing are too things that I want to continue doing in the future. Two things that I can say add greatly to my life. Bring meaning. Writing definitely brings with it a sense of purpose as well.

There are other things I want to try as well though.

Like a video blog. Stand up comedy. Public speaking.

Public speaking. This is one I’ve thought a lot about not just since starting this blog but even going back a few years. I enjoy public speaking. I feel like I have a decent story to tell. And I think I could help people.

Which is something else I want to have in my life. I want to be someone who is helping others.

From losing weight to overcoming depression to not drinking alcohol for other six years to searching for purpose. Those are all things that I have done. From those experiences it is possible to draw a lot of helpful information. It would make me feel great to pass that information on.

Is that it? Is the blog over? Have I figured out what to do with my life and what brings me purpose? No. No. And no.

My girlfriend and I have talked about going back to school. We’ve talked about different options like going back to school, looking into becoming a councilor, and more. All of which to me have a great deal of appeal.

Also, I’ve never considered myself political but there are some causes to which I think I would like to add.

I still have a lot to think about and write about. I’ll continue to meditate and visualize. Continue to read and explore. Talk to people. I’ll continue to spread a wide net and find the things that make me feel the stirrings of passion, purpose, and happiness.


I tweeted this the other day but wanted to end with it today. An expression that I think I made up. This is from back when I was really afraid of flying and hat to talk myself into flying home to see my family. Just getting on a plane took a lot of effort. Mental and physical.

Anyway, I read a great book called Soar: The breakthrough treatment for fear of flying and it’s not really an issue any longer.

But when I used to have to talk myself into it my go to line that I repeated over and over in my head was this: “better to die trying to live than live trying not to die.”

I think I made that up. There’s a chance I saw it somewhere. Or read it. But I think that’s a Mike Feeney original.

And I still think about it from time to time. When fear wants to keep me in my comfort zone. Keep me from doing something enjoyable and exciting. Even when death as an outcome is almost impossible, like flying, it still helps me to remind myself that letting fear stop me from living is no way to live.

Better to die trying to live than live trying not to die.