This is not a political blog. I am not a particularly political person. Or I guess I should say I am not super interested in politics. My most recent feelings on democracy could be summed up by saying that it’s better than the alternatives.

Capitalism? I am not sure it’s a system that’s really working. What’s been happening in the US lately hasn’t changed that feeling.

But since this is a blog about finding purpose I have to wonder if part of what I need to do is figure out my personal politics. If I need to connect more with the world through that particular prism. One of my goals is to read the newspaper more often. And thanks to twitter I am reading a lot about what’s going on in America right now.

So some things are changing in my person political realm.

What the election of Donald Trump has done is opened my eyes to something important.


Now that’s not to say that I love Donald Trump. Far from it. But the more I started to feel anger and fear and even hatred towards Trump and towards people who support him the more I realized he was winning. That’s what he wants. And frankly it’s what a lot of politicians want. The politics of fear is a big reason why I turned away from any interest in that world to begin with.

I know a lot of Americans. I like Americans. A lot. When I was a kid we spent a lot of time down south and I still love going “across the line.” It’s a wonderful place full of unique and interesting people.

Just because of a few bad apples I don’t want to fall into hate. I want to choose love.

For a long time if someone didn’t see the world the way I saw it then I would get angry. Incredulous even. How could anyone not see what was so obvious to me? As I get older I am trying to be more accepting of those differences. Everyone has a different lens through which they filter life. It’s a lens built through a lifetime of experiences and interactions. I don’t have to understand it. But I am trying to accept it.

If you are reading this and love Trump? I accept you and your views. Thank you for visiting the blog!

So no matter what happens in the world. No matter what people do to me or to each other. No matter what I am going to choose to love. When it’s hard I might fall short of that goal. But that’s what I am striving towards.

So how does this all connect to this blog’s purpose which is my purpose? Well, I think I need to bring that same attitude to this search. I want to stop being upset that I don’t have more purpose. Stop letting myself get caught up in negative emotions because I am in my mid-30s and still don’t have a real sense of purpose in my work. Stop being hard on myself.

I want to choose to love myself. Accept where I am at. Accept that there is a journey ahead of me and that I will find my way. Give myself a break. I am not perfect. This blog will not be perfect. My journey will not be a simple one. It will not take a nice, easy, and linear path.

And all of that is just fine.

I love that I am writing everyday. I love that I am searching for something more. I love that there are ups and downs and through those moments I am getting closer and closer to my goal.

I love you for reading. I love the feedback. The likes. Seeing the blog grow day by day. I love life. I love people.

As I search for things that interest me and excite me I will come across things I don’t like. While reading the newspaper I will  come face to face with topics that make me angry. Or sad. Stories that make me shake my head. Hopefully I will also come across a few that make me smile and make me lean in closer. Topics and stories that inflame my passion.

I will try to bring a sense of love to all of those experiences.

And anytime anyone wants me to feel anger and hate and fear? I’ll feel love instead.