Isn’t it funny how I have all these ideas of things to write about in my blog and then the moment I get home from work and crack open my laptop I can’t think of a single one of them? Okay, maybe not funny because I’m sure as heck not laughing.

I do wand to get into a thought I had about finding meaning overall versus learning to find it in all the little things I am doing. Do I need purpose or do I need to open my eyes to the purpose that is all around?

I also have two drafts saved. One about goals and one about nature.

And at some point I want to get into a thought I have had recently about my back pain, weight loss, yoga, and physical therapy.

But it’s Friday and that means I am grateful to be able to do another of my Friday gratitude posts.


Hip hop. I’ve been listening to rap and hip hop since I was a teenager. We used to blast it from our boombox while we played basketball in the driveway. Summer days spent with my best friend playing one on one. And listening to Naughty By Nature. Or the soundtrack The Show. And many others. (thanks in part to Columbia Music House!)

I still love a slick beat combined with the poetry and lyrical dexterity of hip hop. I listen to it a lot at work in the morning as I sort mail. I think it keeps me working at a faster level than other forms of music. It’s hard to know how true that it but if I feel like I am working faster it’s worth it.


The weather here in BC. Especially the lower mainland around Vancouver. For a few weeks there we had a lot of cold and snow. But for the most part winters are pretty mild.

I am grateful for that because more than anything I love wearing shorts. I like being outside and moving around. In shorts. It’s only been around plus 6 or 7 Celsius this week but that’s warm enough for me to wear shorts.

When I think about the things I would like to have from a job being active and being outside or two things that I think are close to mandatory.

Strangely just now as I was typing that previous sentence I was thinking about how it would be nice to find a job where I spend more of my time outside and most of my time moving around. I already do that. Most of my day is spent either in my car or outside and I do a decent amount of walking. So at the very least I realize now that my current job has more of the things I value than I realized.

The only downside is in the summer when, due to hanging out the window while I am driving, my left arm is so much more tanned than my right.

Last year when I was contemplating getting back to school to get into counselling I had wondered about doing some outdoors work. Combining my love of nature and physical fitness with mental health work. I’d forgotten about that. Something to think about. Maybe to visualize and meditate on. Nature is just so healing.


I am definitely feeling grateful to live in the part of the world that I live. Despite the astronomical housing costs and overall high cost of living. I am grateful for freedoms like freedom of expression. Freedom of speech. And the freedom to live the life I want to live.


Finally I am grateful for access to information. The level of which we have now being almost unfathomable. Like, I have been reading a lot lately about politics. But also a lot about business models. Online businesses. Subscription box businesses.

You can do a search and within minutes be reading detailed descriptions about how these businesses operate. How they make money. What I would have to do in order to launch my own.

The kind of information that 20 years ago it may have taken months or years to get to you can get now in seconds.

I’m not sure you will ever see me open my own business. Not long ago I would have laughed at the idea. I’d have put it in the category of never happening. But now? I guess you never know. At the very least I do find a lot of what’s going on in the current business world fascinating. The ways in which businesses operate in today’s internet based global economy? It’s wild. You can use the internet and the world’s connectivity to make money in so many different ways.

The marketing opportunities are seemingly endless. The opportunity to have a business without the risk and overhead of a traditional brick and mortal store are fascinating.

It’s an area and a topic that has caught my eye. Yet another one. I feel grateful that I stumbled into an area of interest I didn’t have previously and to be able to explore that interest from the comfort of my home is amazing.