In order to build up a little more excitement for myself (because I am already really excited) today will be the start of my plan to try something new every month.

We’ll be easing into it a little bit though. I’m not just going to jump straight into trying stand-up comedy or learning a whole new skill. January’s newness will be dining in the dark.

It doesn’t sound like much I have to admit.

But, I have never dined in complete and utter darkness. Just the thought of sitting in the dark trying to eat without spilling something or knocking the whole table over is a bit scary. Plus I think we are going to order the surprise dishes. So not only will I not be able to see but I won’t have a clue what I am about to put in my mouth.

My girlfriend suggested I could blog about dining out. Or write reviews of restaurants as a way to get into writing even more so I think I will post a review of the experience of eating in the dark as well as my thoughts on the first of many new things I will try this year.


We’ve been doing some apartment hunting recently. Just to see what might be out there. If the right place comes along then hopefully we’ll be ready to snap it up. But it’s gotten me thinking. Thinking about property. Thinking about a future where maybe we own some apartments that we rent out. The thought of buying some land and developing it has some appeal to me as well.

The people who showed us an apartment this morning have a few places. A house and a couple apartments. It hit me that it would be so nice to have a few extra streams of revenue. And even if the rent only covers the mortgage you are still building up some equity without spending your own money. Until something goes wrong and you need to buy new appliances.

And the process of finding the right tenant must be somewhat stressful.

What really hit me though is that there are things that interest me like property ownership. But I don’t think it wouldn’t be something I am passionate about.

Finding places, maybe getting them fixed up and rented out. I could see how I might enjoy those things.

There are lots of things that might interest me though. That might be enjoyable. My question from all of this is simple.

How do I figure out if I would find purpose in those things? Passion? Do you have to do something to find out? Or maybe if I was passionate about them I would know just from thinking about doing them?

Maybe I’d think about a future doing some sort of work and my heart rate would increase. My energy levels would increase. I’d get excited. My mind would start racing thinking of all the possibilities. All the different aspects of that job. I’d already be planning how to attack certain tasks and working on solutions to potential problems.

So I need some help. I would love to get some comments about this topic. Do you have a job that you are passionate about? Did you know right away? Did it take time? Did you know even before you got into that particular career?

I want to hear about different people’s experience with their jobs and their purpose. Maybe they aren’t connected at all. Maybe the purpose comes from something else in your life? Tell me about that too.

The other thing I really want to work on is my mindset. Because right now when I find myself thinking about a potential career change I have noticed I am thinking mostly about the lifestyle a particular job would afford. How much time would I have at home? Can I work from home? What kind of life would we lead? Lots of travel? Etc etc.

What I really want to get into is thinking about the work itself. The day to day. I want to try and figure out if I would enjoy the minutiae of that particular job. If doing the actual work would inspire and excite.

We can make our lives around our jobs whatever we decide we want it to be. What will be useful for me right now will be to dive into the actual work.

That’s all for now. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. I still have to have a random conversation with someone before the week is out so that’s on my agenda for this weekend at some point. Yoga and meditation as well. The process continues!!

Oh and don’t forget starting next week I will be starting the process of blogging my book. Probably a few times a week and maybe daily depending on how ambitious I am, I will be posting probably around 500 or 600 words from my book. So check back each day as the story unfolds.

And have a great weekend!