Sorry for the late post on the Monday Musings this week. But I have a reasonably good excuse. Well actually a pair of decent excuses.

First, my car broke down today. There I was working away when all of a sudden I look over and there’s coolant pouring out of the bottom of my car. It turns out I need a new radiator. So I went back to my main office and did some extra work to pass time and to help pay for the repairs.

Then I went across town to help a friend move into his new place. I’d have liked to have helped more but I was stuck at work without a vehicle. Luckily he moved to Maple Ridge which is where I work so I was able to get over and help him despite my lack of wheels.

Long story short I ma staying at my parents tonight so I can get back to work tomorrow and then pick up my car from the mechanics. So it took me a while to get to a place where I could settle in and do some writing.


The first thing on my mind is battling the thought that i often have when my car needs to be repaired. It starts with, “how much is this going to cost” and then morphs into, “I don’t need this right now” and ends with, “I can never seem to get ahead.”

Sometimes it really feels like treading water. Every time I pay off my credit card something happens and I have to put more money back on it. It feels like I can’t ever seem to have a few weeks without any expenditures so I can get on top of things a little.

But I think that’s a pretty normal feeling and considering I am worrying about less than 500 bucks of credit card debt I know it could be a lot worse. I was able to do extra work 4 days last week and already today I did some extra. So with a little luck and some hard work I can probably still feel like I am getting ahead come the next pay day even with the cost of repairs.

I do think how we frame things is so important so I am trying to re-frame things when it comes to money. I have very little debt in relation to what I would think is a “normal” amount. My girlfriend and I are in a pretty good place financially. I can’t really complain. I have to use my vehicle for work so that’s going to lead to more repair costs which I have to factor into my thinking.

And bottom line there’s a roof over our head and food in our fridge. I am blessed.

With a little more hard work and a nice little run of luck which I know is coming it’s only a matter of time before I start feeling like I am getting ahead. Finally.


Moving is hard. It’s tiring. It’s not fun.

What is enjoyable though is working hard and feeling like you did a good job. Plus when you are emptying the moving truck you can see yourself getting closer and closer to being done.

The best part though was being there to help a friend.

For some reason that I can’t explain I have a real drive when helping someone move. No one is going to carry more. No one is going to work longer. No one is going to get more done.

I have a real strong desire to be the best at helping a friend move.

If only I could translate that feeling, that drive, the desire to everything I do.

Maybe I can? Something to ponder.


I was off of Twitter for about a year and a bit and did not miss it. But that said I am glad to be back on the tweeting. As part of my blogging I am also on twitter ( and being back on Twitter has allowed a level of connection that I didn’t have without it.

Connection to what’s going on in the world. It’s not all good right now but there’s a lot of good mixed in with the bad.

You can’t help but feel terrible with some of the stuff going on. But then there’s people marching for what they believe in. There’s vigils so that people know that they don’t stand alone. There were lawyers volunteering their time to help people being detained at airports because of Trump’s executive order that was essentially a Muslim ban.

Lawyers. VOLUNTEERING!!! If that doesn’t make you feel good what will?

It’s a sad time here in Canada with a tragic shooting at a Mosque in Quebec City yesterday. It’s truly awful. And I can’t help but think that the mainstreaming of hate that has gone on in the last year probably played a part in what happened yesterday. Again, as I said the other day I am fighting hate with love.

I don’t know if any Muslim’s will read this post but I want everyone to know that I love you all. Any race, religion, gender it doesn’t matter to me you are all welcome in my world.


On my way to work today I drove past the remnants of a car crash. It was pretty bad. And I heard on the radio that it was a fatal accident.

Someone’s life ended. That person’s friends and family have had their lives altered forever.

It’s so senseless.

I want to give advice like, drive safe and try not to speed and all that crap. But really all I can think about is how life can be snatched away at any moment so grab it while you can and make the most of it.