An aspect of goal setting that I wanted to touch on is volume. The sheer number of goals being set. This is something with which I used to really struggle.

For a little background I used to be really overweight and I wasn’t very happy. I overcame both of those, as you will read about through my book, using goals. Setting a goal and working towards it. Achieving that goal and moving on to the next one.

But then my natural instinct to rush things took over. Ever since I was a child I have been in a rush. Especially a rush to grow up. Although much to my parent’s chagrin I wasn’t in a rush to move out of their house once I reach my early 20s. But usually I am in a rush. Currently that rushed feeling is being focused on a future that involves a house and maybe a kid or two.

So in my rush I started setting more and more goals. 8, 9 or even 10 goals at a time. 3 or 4 short terms and 3 or 4 medium term and 3 or 4 long term. Then more short term goals to help get to the long term goals.

And the next thing you know I can’t keep track. I have pages and pages of goals and I can’t remember them unless i am reading about them constantly. To MY chagrin I wasn’t able to accomplish a lot of goals simply by writing them down and then reading about them over and over.

If only.

In my personal experience less is more when it comes to goals. One or two really sharp goals with a timeline and a serious plan to achieve them. It allows for more focus. It allows you to keep you mind on them at all times. And if you take the time to figure out which goals really matter the simple task of picking them can help you really hone in on what is important to you.

Right now my goal is finding my purpose or learning to appreciate the purpose in things more and more. And to get my own route at Canada Post. Those are my two really main goals that i am focusing on. Maybe finding a new place to live if the right place pops up. Maybe long term finding a way to buy into the housing market.

But right now short term is work on this blog and work on purpose and then working towards my own route.

That’s it.

I have other desires. To be a good boyfriend. To work on making sure I am in a strong and committed relationship that is open and honest and healthy. We work on that all the time and we both know deep down that we are doing a great job.

I would like to get better and better at writing. I want to do lots of yoga. Meditate. Read more.

But I haven’t set goals for those things. No read a book a week or do yoga every day for a month. I simply try and find time for the things I really want to do. If I succeed? Yay!! If not? Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

I do have a few tasks within the goal of learning or finding purpose. And that’s trying new things. I may have called that a goal before. To try a new thing a month. I have backed off that at this point. I am still planning to do it. I have the things I want to try. But it’s not a goal. It’s just a part of the larger goal of finding purpose.

Oh and by the way guess what?

I tried a new things last night.

Dark Table. A restaurant in the Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver that featured an entirely new dining experience. Something I had never done before.

It was dark. Like really dark. We couldn’t see our hands directly in front of our own faces dark. We were lead to our table by our waitress Rose. She’s blind and uses her amazing ability to navigate in the dark to provide wonderful service. She was a delight.

We had three courses. The appetizer and desert were a surprise. We had no idea what we were putting in our mouths. My girlfriend also had a surprise entree and I had a pasta dish that I loved.

It took a while to settle in and get used to the dark. Apparently a few people a week end up leaving because they can’t handle it. They get claustrophobic or can’t handle the lack of control of being able to see. But once we were settled in we were able to taste food without being able to see it.

I even ended up getting the confidence to order a hot beverage secure in the fact that I wouldn’t burn my face.

I think if I were to criticize the only thing I could come up with is that the appetizer came too fast. We could have used a little more time to settle in to the dark experience. I noticed a slightly heightened experience with the flavours because I was really focused on what was in my mouth and the way it tasted.

In the end it was really good food and a unique experience. I can’t recommend it strongly enough. If you haven’t tried a similar restaurant you should. Even just once to see what it’s like.

There are a lot of great restaurants in Vancouver and in Kits especially, Fable is a particular fav, but Dark Table is worth the night out for sure.

As for the experience of trying something new? It was exactly what I had hoped. We spent all day anticipating it. Thinking about what would happen. What would it be like? What would the table be like? Would we knock stuff over? Would we be scared? We talked about it all day. The excitement built throughout the day.

It was a bit nerve wracking. It was a bit exciting. It was a little bit scary.

It was exactly what stepping out of your comfort zone is all about. And stepping out of comfort zones is something really important.

I already cant’ wait to try something new next month!!