So a typical weeknight at my place includes me making dinner and trying to time it just right so it’s ready and hot when my better half gets home from work. The timing in the few months we’ve lived together has been….suspect to say the least.

I’m usually too early and then the food sits there waiting and getting cold. Once in a while I time so poorly that she gets home before I’ve even really gotten things prepped.

A few weeks ago she got home when I was 15 minutes into a documentary on NetFlix. As I am sure you can guess from the title of this post that documentary is called Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things.

Once we had said our hellos and talked about our days, and I had started and finished making some food, we set back down and decided to continue the documentary. We’d been spending the past few weeks doing a “purge”. It was a simple process. We went through most of the house and decided what to keep and what to give away.

The method for deciding was simple as well. Hold an item in our hands and see if it brought us joy. If not it was most likely going to be donated. All told it took about three weeks with several trips to various women’s shelters and salvation army type drop boxes. And through that process we got rid of probably 9 medium size boxes worth of stuff. Maybe 10.

I guess you could say we were already primed for a look into Minimalism. When I hit play to resume the documentary my girlfriend and I were both poised over our food with forks in hand. 30 minutes later we hadn’t moved. We were sat there in shock with a little wonder some amazement and no small amount of fascination. This documentary was punching us right in the face and we were loving every minute of it.

Full disclosure? We never finished it. We still have about 20 minutes left. We got to a certain point and we both looked at each other awestruck and both knew we needed a break. Like, you can only take so much mindblowing before you need some time to put it back together.

It’s from that moment that this blog sprung.

The Minimalists are basically two guys who decided to try minimalism and then when it turned their lives around they decided to spread that message to as many people as they could. Their on Twitter. They have a website. Books. Book tours. Speaking engagements. Oh and of course a podcast. And now here they are on a documentary about so much more than just minimalism. It’s about life. It’s about living in a sustainable way and I don’t just mean in terms consumerism. Living a life that’s well lived.

It got me thinking. Here were two people who did something in their lives and now made it their purpose to show others how to do the same thing. If you want to change like they did they would be there to show you how.

It was through thinking about these two minimalists and their journey that I started thinking about my journey. The fact I lost over 100 pounds. The fact that I quit drinking over 6 years ago and haven’t touched a drop since. The fact that I overcame depression by reaching out for help and then taking care of myself.

I have life experience to pass on to anyone who might need some advice. Or just someone to listen. I’ve been through some of life’s tough patches. So I get it. I think I can help. Just like The Minimalists opened my eyes to parts of life I wasn’t seeing, or maybe was seeing through the wrong lens, I think I can help people see life in a different way as well.

I also thought about how much I wanted the kind of meaning in my life that Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus had. I mean, it sure seems like they are two dudes with a lot of meaning in their lives. A lot of purpose. And when I saw that I new I wanted it.

That’s what made me start thinking about my meaning and my purpose. Which is what brought me to blogging. The journey began that night with forks hovering unused over rapidly cooling food. It will continue until I find my purpose.

No matter how long it takes I will find it.

And I will finish that documentary.