It’s time again for my Friday post in which I talk about a few things for which I am grateful.


Today I am grateful for getting home safe and sound. It started snowing this morning here in Vancouver and for a while the roads were pretty bad. While I was at work I was listening to the traffic reports and it didn’t sound encouraging. Lots of cars in ditches, accidents and traffic jams.

But by the time I got on the roads the snow had eased off enough that the plows were able to keep the highway clear. So for me it was mostly just like driving in the rain. It took me about 5 minutes longer to get home than normal which was a lot less than I thought.

It’s snowing again now. I couldn’t be more grateful that I was able to get home during that window where the roads were decent.



Tell you what, have the internet at your house go down for most of a day and see how much you notice it’s absence. Wow.

A fiber optic cable was cut yesterday near where I live so a bunch of us were without internet. It took until sometime today to get it fixed. Not long after I posted yesterday I was without internet otherwise I would have posted at least one more time before the end of the day.

We really do rely on the internet to an insane degree. At times I was lost without it. Sure, I could use my phone but the reception where I live isn’t great. It was really slow to look anything up or check my blog so I gave up. In the end I read a lot. I did some cleaning.

And of course I took a nap.

Short story long? It’s back and I am very grateful for that. Please don’t ever leave me again internet!


A ‘do nothing’ day.

Every once in a while my girlfriend and I plan a weekend day where we have nothing to do. No cleaning. No shopping. No visiting. No nothing. Just relaxing. (And maybe a bit of blogging.)

We may stay in bed all day. I know we will watch at least a few episodes of The OA since we are hooked. There will be some food eaten. Some yoga.

And sleeping in!!

I am grateful that we have those days. That we love them so much. That we get along so well that not going out and not doing anything is just as fun as being out on the town. And that I will be catching up on sleep.


It’s February and that brings with it a certain excitement comes back into my life.


I am so grateful for baseball. I love everything about it. From watching it, to reading about it, to talking about it. The smell of live baseball. That fact that baseball being back means the summer is coming back.

I love the strategy of baseball. The battle between the pitcher and the hitter. The constant adjustments taking place. The fact that there is no clock to end the game. Just a certain amount of outs to get. Until that final out is recorded that game continues. That means it could go on for ever. It also means that a team could come back from any deficit.

Plus you can’t avoid the other team. A pitcher has to throw strikes and challenge the other team in order to get through a lineup. Otherwise they’d walk everyone and the other team would score a ton of runs. So they have to throw the ball over the plate. Or near the plate at least and give the other team their chance to have a swing.

There’s a lot, lot more that I love about baseball. But these are supposed to be short little bullets about what I am grateful about.

On my phone there’s a calendar. On that calendar now that it’s February? Cubs games. Right at the end of the month the Cubs play their first exhibition games. And for the first time in my life they start the season as defending champions. All in all I am VERY grateful for February and the looming excitement of baseball season.


And finally I am grateful for historians who are working on uncovering the hidden history of women and their impact on our society.

Currently I am reading a book called The Glass Universe and it’s all about the impact women made on the astronomy community in the late 1800s. It’s a fascinating read so far. Women were employed as computers at Harvard and spent many tedious hours analyzing images of Stars and recording what they saw.

I’ve always been a history buff and seeing a push in the last decade or so to uncover more of what women have done throughout history make me feel gratitude for those doing that work. And those who publish that work.

For too long women have been outright removed from history, glossed over, or given short shrift. I am grateful that’s changing.


Alright. That’s it for this week. I will have more tomorrow including another excerpt from my book and I will tell you all about the news source I have chosen and why. It’s a much more interesting read than it sounds!!