I am doing that thing again where I just start typing and I don’t know what’s going to come out.

And that’s because I am struggling.

It’s tough coming up with topics to blog about every single day. What’s the purpose in that struggle? I guess it’s all about exploration. You can’t just scratch the surface and then be done with it, right? I mean, if explores had sailed for a few days and then it got tough so they turned back we wouldn’t know much about the planet.

The important discoveries come when you work past the hard parts and keep going. Dig deeper. That expression has to come from somewhere.

But part of the problem is that I am feeling limited by the parameters of this blog. The search for meaning. I haven’t had any breakthroughs yet. I don’t feel any closer to finding things that I love. That bring me passion. I don’t feel like I am discovering things about myself. I thought this process would be further along than it is by now.

The only thing right now is that I know for a fact I enjoy writing. I love writing. That much I have confirmed.

It kind of feels right now like I am just searching for things to blog about. Things to pass the time and postpone just saying that my purpose is to write.

If I come to a conclusion on this then I need to change the name of the blog!

Then I need to figure out what to write about. So maybe that’s my search for purpose? Maybe I admit that I think writing and creating is my purpose in life. And that the search is for the things that give me joy in terms of what I want to write about.

I enjoy trying to be funny. I enjoy trying to inspire. I enjoy talking about things that other people don’t want to talk about. Or to write about things that I have been through that others might be going through now. As a way to help guide people through tough times. But maybe that’s too lofty? Maybe I should just write because I enjoy it and hope that some people might enjoy reading it.

I do like to be funny though.

But what do I want to write about? I enjoy coming up with creative ideas to write fiction stories about and I have enjoyed the work I have done on the story I am currently working on.

Could the clues to what I want to write about be found in what I like to read about? Politics. The Cubs. Comedy. International relations. Scientific discoveries. Trying new things. Cooking. Eating.

Do I want to do more research and then blog about the things I am learning? Do I want to do reviews of things I have read and done? Do I launch the blog I have been thinking about where I post excerpts from more than one book at the same time?

Or is it just too soon to be making a conclusion? Perhaps I simply stick with what I have been doing and more information will present itself?

I’ve given myself a lot to think about for the next few days.