Just a few seconds ago I used Twitter to search the hashtag meaning and ended up reading a very interesting article.


As I was reading it my mind went back to that night at Starbucks that I met Armin the Scientoonist. I left that meeting in an incredibly good mood. A simple conversation with an interesting stranger and I did feel that sense of community. My spirits were lifted. It just felt great to interact with someone new and unique.

At the bottom of the article is a link to a quiz so I took it.


My results?

Storyteller!!! I’m so happy with that.

Tonight has been a real great night. I can’t wait for Jen to get home tonight so we can connect like we do each night as we tell each other about our days. And then tomorrow I can get out into the world and meet someone new and interesting. Connections bringing purpose. I guess it’s time to deepen my connections with my coworkers as well.