This blog is/has been about finding my purpose. At it’s most basic level it’s about finding my purpose as it pertains to a career. Or at least that’s what I thought it was going to be about when I started. The other day I did some free form writing and some things came out that I hadn’t really been able to put into words before.

This blog is still about purpose and I am still actively engaged in that search. I haven’t given up that search. At least not yet.

But I’ve had feedback that’s opened my eyes to a few considerations that hadn’t occurred to me previously. That I don’t necessarily need to find my purpose through work. That work can be what I do in order to finance other areas of my life which bring me a sense of purpose.

The other thing I have realized is that I can get meaning and purpose from all kinds of areas. One of those areas is writing. One will be family and friends. One could be work and so on.

I want to continue searching for purpose but it’s also important to figure out just how important purpose is in my life. Do I need to feel it in all aspects of life? Or just certain areas? It’s important to me to better understand purpose and to better understand my relationship with purpose, meaning and my passions.

One way that I am planning to go about that process is to be more aware of purpose in my moment to moment interactions. I plan to be more aware by asking a few questions.

  1. Why I am doing what I am currently doing?
  2. What greater purpose(s) does my current action(s) play in my life?
  3. How does that purpose make me feel?

Currently I am blogging. Why am I doing it? Because I really enjoy blogging and I particularly enjoy the process of writing.

What greater purpose? I like how blogging makes me feel. The way it helps me work through things in my life. Process my thoughts. It allows me to connect with other people.

How does the purpose make me feel? Blogging mostly makes me feel many things. Sometimes frustrated when the words won’t come out right. Which is more often than I’d like to admit! It also makes me feel scared. It’s not always easy pushing the publish button after spilling a part of my soul onto the digital page. Knowing that people are possibly going to read what I write makes me nervous and excited.

Through this series of questions I better understand a) how much I really do love writing b) some of the reasons that I blog and feel good about it and c) the feelings that come along with blogging.

Over the next few weeks I will spend some time asking and answering these questions in other areas of my life. I’ve already started doing it at work with mixed results after two days. It’s definitely shining a light on the fact that I am not feeling much purpose at my current job. Which hasn’t been easy so far. It’s led to a question I mentioned yesterday in my musings. What am I doing here?

But just because something is a little uncomfortable or unpleasant doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad or unhealthy or even unproductive. Perhaps I will come to find some sense of purpose at my current job through this process. A purpose that as yet I haven’t considered. Maybe the answer to the question “what am I doing here?” will only come to light if I spend some time deliberating on it. That’s my plan for now anyway.

With those three questions it should be possible for me to be more aware of and find more areas of purpose in my day to day life. From making dinner to yoga to shoveling the driveway and all the way to watching NetFlix on a rainy Saturday afternoon. I hope that will allow me to better understand what I enjoy doing and why, as well as how, I feel while doing various tasks.

Then the tasks that I find the most meaningful or purposeful I can do more often to bring more purpose into my life. And I hope this plan will illuminate some more potentially purposeful areas of my life that are worthy of exploration.


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