There’s no way I’ve been doing this long enough to have already done 5 of these things….right?

I blogged a few weeks ago about my motto ‘No CRC‘ (No compromising, No rushing, No Complicating) and I am so grateful that we followed through on that motto. We put it into practice and because of that we found something amazing. My girlfriend and I are really excited about some of the things that are going to be happening to us in the next few weeks.

But I won’t be telling you about them until tomorrow!


I am listening right now to a song called ‘Oceans’ by a band called Coasts.

My girlfriend and I met at a concert that Coasts did in Vancouver last May at a venue called The Biltmore. I am so grateful for that night for so many reasons. But one of the really great things about it is that I can dial up that song anytime I want and really be transported back to that night.

It’s like I am sitting at that table getting to know an amazing person all over again.

The power of music to bring back memories is something for which I am very grateful. Couple that with being able to vividly recall the night we met? Amazing. Some people probably can’t remember much from the night they met their significant other. And I am sure that if they are in an amazing relationship they aren’t too fussy about that.

But I can remember most of it. The date. The place. The bands. The restaurant after. The stupid things I said that somehow didn’t send her running.

I am very grateful for all of that. And for Jen.


It’s been a difficult week so frankly right now I am just mostly grateful for the fact that it’s Friday. I am sitting in my comfy chair, having a bowl of soup, listening to tunes and writing. On top of that I was able to meditate earlier tonight and get a nice nap. I’ve been feeling tired for seemingly no good reason but I’m feeling much better right now.

I literally have that Friday feeling.

We’ve got a great weekend planned which helps too.


My feelings on politics aside I have to say I am grateful for really good investigative journalism. There are so many stories out there that need to be told. So many issues our species really has to face up to both locally and globally. And for those shining a light on stories that are calling out to be told I feel gratitude.

I’ve been reading a lot of these articles lately and as I feel more and more connected and plugged into the world I also feel more and more encouraged. I tend to see that there are a lot of really good people out there doing great things trying to help people. (Shout out to Sweden!) Yes, there are a lot of things going on that make me sad, frustrated or even angry but my hope outweighs my despair.

It also makes me think there are stories out there which I would like to dig into more and that maybe at some point in the future I could use my platform of blogging/writing to research and then tell stories that other’s might miss or that might be really interesting should they come to light.

In other words, I am thinking about my purpose in life and writing and what form writing will take in my life in the future. Which is also something I am grateful for as I sit here tonight.


And finally I am grateful that baseball’s Spring Training is about to begin. In just a few days pitchers and catchers will report for their first workouts.

My excitement level? Incalculable.


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