So yesterday I teased that the ‘No CRC’ motto had really worked but didn’t say much more than that.

But if you read that original post you know it applied to a search for a new place to live, among other things, for my girlfriend and I. Well, we found a place.

It’s perfect. And we got it.

It’s still pretty hard to believe.

We wanted a certain list of things and we had a relatively narrow area in which we were willing to live. Because we wanted in suite laundry and two bedrooms, and more, there were times when we thought maybe we wouldn’t find the place we wanted. But we stuck with it.

No compromise. No rush. No complication. We knew what we wanted. We waited to get what we wanted and we didn’t add things to make it harder. And when we had a chance to get our new place we took it. Yes, moving is expensive. Yes, we are having to pay some rent for two different places at the same time. And yes, it could have been something we overthought. We even could have found reasons to say no and talk ourselves out of making this move.

But in the end we set out to get something and we got it.

I believe that the motto helped.

But I also believe something else helped as well. Clearly stating out intentions. Call me crazy but I have found that if you put energy out into the universe they usually end up bringing you what you want.

It’s really exciting to think that one day soon I will be writing blog posts from out new place. We may set up a little work station area. The second bedroom might end up being a home office that can be converted when we have guests. I am sure I will find a coffee shop in the vicinity where I can go to do some writing as well.

I can’t wait.

The next thing I want to put out into the universe is the growth of this blog. I’d like the blog to continue to develop. My writing style to become more defined. The topics to be diverse and interesting. The readership to increase. Steady growth of the blog. That’s what I want in the next few months.

What do you want? Put it into the universe, by posting it in the comments, and see if it manifests for you!


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