Just a quick little update.

I have changed the name and address of my blog because I simply didn’t want to be stuck with just blogging about finding my purpose. As it turns out a big part of my purpose is to write things. And not just about searching for purpose or meaning.

I want to write about all kinds of different things. Basically I want to write about whatever pops into my head. Some of it might be inspirational. Some of it might be about searching for purpose because that search isn’t over by any means. Some of it will be silly and pointless.

But hopefully most of it will be worth the time taken to read it!

In that vein I am going to start posting another story I have been working on. Partly because I have stalled on it a little and I want to get back into working on it. Partly because I want to start sharing it with the world. And partly because I want to keep putting up content on the blog regularly.

So every Sunday I am going to post a new excerpt from a story I am working on called “The City”.

Keep your eyes out for that and much more here on the blog.