A real benefit to not drinking that I hadn’t really considered but was growing to love even just a week or two into not drinking was the lack of hangovers. My weekends, and let’s face it some weekdays, were a lot more productive. Things happen on weekends before noon. Fun things. You don’t HAVE to spend all day in bed watching movies and hating life on a Saturday only to rally just in time to get up and go out and get drunk again. You don’t have to waste your life lying down feeling like a bag of cat’s assholes.

And that dry mouth crap in the morning. Where it feels like a cat shit in your mouth while you were sleeping. I didn’t miss that feeling one bit.

(A real cat theme just developed out of nowhere)

Then there’s the money savings to factor in as well. Plus, cats!! What?

Spending a hundred less dollars per week on booze, twenty or thirty less dollars at McDonald’s/Denny’s as well as some significant savings in terms of not buying Advil and blue Powerade really adds up.

I set goals. Found I had a ton of support. And noticed positives. It felt like I was off to a great start.

Two weeks in and I noticed something else amazing.

I felt better. Like, a lot better. I had gotten through Christmas and was back in Fort St John and back to my normal routine of being cold and lonely. But physically I was feeling like a different hu-being.

Due to the drinking and the being fat there was a time in my life, a decade called my 20s, where I would lie in bed at night, and again the next morning, and my heart would be beating out of my chest. I could literally feel it struggling. Pounding. It was felt in my chest and heard in my ears. It was a strange (terrifying) feeling. But think about it. All that booze. All that weight I was carrying around. All that food I had eaten. Either a Big Mac meal with some extras like a McChicken or Moon’s Over My Hammy.

(Side note: I swear neither of McDonald’s or Denny’s paid me any promotional type fee to talk about their products. In fact, let me at this point stress that you really shouldn’t eat this stuff very often. If at all. It’s not great for you and probably should be avoided.)

Plus what I didn’t realize at the time but came to grips with later. And that was the sugar. The amount of sugar I was consuming. You have numerous rum and cokes or rye and ginger ale type drinks and the sugar really adds up.

So my internal situation was basically that my filtration systems “only” had to handle, on a pretty regular basis, a whole shit load of alcohol, salt, sugar, and fat. Plus whatever other crap is put in processed fast food and alcoholic beverages. I was basically forcing my body to put in a really hard shift every single day.

Fastfood and booze. The diet of champions. If you want to be a champion at slowly killing yourself. Actually I probably wasn’t killing myself all that slowly if I am being honest!

But a few weeks of not having to deal with alcohol, which also meant my system didn’t have to deal with fast food as often, meant my body was feeling better.

On a somewhat related side note: I’ve never once missed being hungover. Not once. I don’t miss the headaches, the sore muscles, the shakes, the spinning, the puking. None of it. In fact, I just recently had a pretty bad flu and I threw up for the first time in years. Something that had once been commonplace in my life. It’s awful. Like, really awful.

There’s nothing positive to be said about puking. The chunks of old, partially digested food that get stuck in your throat or even slide up into your nasal cavity? Don’t miss ‘em. Brushing your teeth for hours after and still being able to taste throw-up in your mouth? Don’t miss that. The feeling of your whole body convulsing as you dry heave? Nope. Not that either. But the way grease tastes at 3am after the club? That was something.

That second Saturday morning as I arose early to watch soccer on TV? A revelation. My alarm woke me at somewhere around 5am with it’s annoying piercing sound. Beep beeping at me that it was almost time to watch Manchester United. My favourite team. Everyone’s favourite team. Just the greatest. Manchester United supporters fly a banner at games that I could not agree with any more than I do. It reads, “Not Arrogant. Just Better.” Perfect.

I rolled over and looked around my room.

I could get used to this not being hungover business. I thought as I checked out the room. TV straight ahead on the other side of the room. Windows flanking the TV on either side. I feel great. I remember exactly where I am right now AND I remember how I got here last night. And why my alarm is going off. Heck, I remember to set my alarm. Everything’s coming up Feeney!!


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