Yesterday was a holiday in British Columbia (Family Day) so I didn’t do any writing. After scheduling a post for Monday morning at some point on Sunday I gave myself the next 24ish hours off from blogging. Unfortunately I had to work as I am a federal employee and Family Day is a provincial holiday. But it worked out not bad. I was home pretty early in part because there was so little traffic and because my girlfriend was off work we spent the rest of the day together.

So all in all a really nice day.

But I had one or two things on my mind so it’s time for my musings but this time on a Tuesday.


I’m working on dealing with my anger in a more constructive way. I tend to either suppress anger so as to avoid conflict or I do the opposite and lash out. Usually when I lash out it’s a case of my response being too strong compared to the prompt which initially made me angry.

What I have been doing is reminding myself that I have a choice. When I get angry and decide to say something awful it usually feels like I have no control. It simply sprouts up out of my stomach and into my mouth in a split second. Then words spill out that I have to apologize for later.

So what I do now is take a quick second to remind myself that I can choose how to use my anger. Being angry can be productive if used correctly. So I think about how I am in control which immediately stops the flow of anger rising up inside me. In fact, sometimes when the reminder kicks in the anger dissipates right away.

Other times I still get angry but I decide how to let it out. Whether that’s in the form of letting someone know why I am angry or simply deciding it isn’t worth it and moving on. It’s early going so far but I am loving the results.


We’re a few weeks away from moving and despite the daunting nature of moving in terms of effort and time and cost I am starting to get very excited. There’s something very enjoyable about planning things out. Figuring out the best way to execute the move. Where we might put things when we move in.

We drove by the new place the other day and looked around once again. When we first went to look at the apartment we weren’t sure that we would get it. After all, there were more than a few applicants. Now that we know we are moving in at the end of the month we took some time to explore the area.

The building looks great. Our top floor corner unit is so awesome I can’t even describe. We are so excited to have a spare bedroom for people to come and stay with us and for our cat to explore. I am excited about the proximity of the kitchen to the living room. It’s going to be great to cook up some dinners while also watching TV, chatting with visitors or just relaxing with my girlfriend right there in the next room.

I’m also excited about the new vibes and how that will impact my writing.


I don’t want to spend too much time writing today as it is Valentine’s Day and I want to spend my time with someone even more important than my readers.

Valentine’s Day has never really meant much to me in the past. But I can’t take too much issue with it now that I have a chance to really enjoy the day with someone I love. We both try to let each other know, through actions as much as words, how much we care for each other at all times. Valentine’s Day might be a bot hokey. It might be a bit corporate. It was probably made up just to get people to spend some money in February after things slowed down post-Christmas.

But at the end of the day it’s about showing people how much you love and care for them. So no matter the drawbacks it’s still a good day.

Hopefully you are having a great time with people you love. Or else some chocolate at the very least!