As some of you may remember I made it a goal in 2017 to try something new each and every month. Back in January, I can’t believe I am saying that already as once again it feels like this year is flying by, my girlfriend and I went to Dark Table to experience eating in total and complete darkness. It was a very cool experience.

So what’s on the table for February? Great question. After getting a little caught up in the excitement of finding a new place to live it’s hit me that I don’t have anything planned for this month. Yet.

But jeepers I am just realizing that it’s a short month. We are moving at the end of the month. There’s a lot happening in my life and I am running out of days this month. And panic is now settling in!

Breath. Think positive. I have already started planning ahead so this doesn’t happen again next month!

For April I have signed up for a class at the Vancouver Public Library. One of my ideas for something new to try was a writing class. So in that vein I have gone to the VPL website and signed myself up for a class called Reel Stories: Developing an Idea for Film. That was originally going to be my idea for something new to try this month or maybe in March but I am realizing now that some of these things require some forethought. You can’t just jump into them at the last minute. 

One thing I do want to try is putting together a podcast or Vlog. Which is also something I am going to need to start working on now in order to put it all together later on. For example, I have an idea for a podcast but it will require booking a guest and preparing to talk to them on top of getting some equipment in order to record the thing. And then figuring out how to publish it.

This is getting daunting!

So, what can I do in February that I haven’t ever done before that doesn’t require a lot of planning? Snowshoeing is an option. My preliminary research is telling me that it’s not crazy expensive and something we could just decide to do on a weekend where the weather is supposed to be nice like say this weekend coming up! Not to mention the chance to do some outdoor rink skating on the top of a mountain? Yes, please. That’s definitely an option.

The other option is something like Pilates or CrossFit. Both fitness disciplines that I haven’t tried but that I am curious about.

So, it’s going to be either snowshoeing or a new fitness experience. Keep checking back in on the blog to find out what I end up doing and if I loved it or if it’s a fitness thing then you can find out just how much I hated it and how out of shape I am!


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