It’s that time again! Another Friday Feeling. What am I grateful for this week? The picture is a clue.

This afternoon I decided to go for a walk. It was beautiful outside, I had a fresh batch of coffee to take to go and a slight headache. I thought the combo of fresh air, exercise, and coffee might clear it up.

It worked like a charm.

And look at that view. It’s breathtaking. That’s winter in Vancouver BC. I was in shorts and a sweatshirt in mid-February, walking around in the sunshine and taking in sights that very few other cities can match.

I don’t need anything else for which to be grateful today.

Something hit me almost as soon as I was outside and walking. I need to be out there more. There’s something about being outside and moving around that I just can’t get enough of and it’s not just that I enjoy it. It’s more than that. There’s very much a spiritual element to it.

When I get outside on a perfect night like tonight and look up at the rich blue sky and the lush green trees it just washes over me in a way that I imagine is similar to how a deeply religious person feels when they feel close to their God. My deity is nature and when I feel close to nature I feel like I am on a different plane. I’m elevated.

Talk about something for which to feel grateful.

But there is something else for which I am grateful and that’s the future.

While I was walking and communing with nature I was thinking about just how grateful I am for the future. The way I can see my life laid out before me right now? It fills me with a tremendous amount of excitement. The things that I am approaching, starting with our new home that we move into at the end of the month look very good in my minds eye. In the near future I can see us starting a family, maybe purchasing a home and maybe even one day making a living from home through writing.

I am really fired up for what my life is right now and what it will be in the future.

Not to mention the good times with family and friends. All of it seems so wonderful.

It’s making it hard to live in the moment because the future looks so good. My future looks as good as this view: