You may have noticed a decrease in the volume of posts as of late. Part of that was due to a lack of free time the last week or so. But part of the decrease in my writing is that I wasn’t having fun.

I was becoming obsessed with how many people were reading the blog. How many views I was getting on each post was the only thing that seemed to matter. I was checking the stats page of my wordpress account several times a day.

But I wasn’t having fun. I was writing not because I wanted to or because I had something I needed to say but because I felt that I needed content. Non-stop content. Make sure I am getting people to read the blog all the time. Hook more people. Write more. Get more views. More. More. MORE!!!

I don’t want to live like that. My new motivation is simple. Enjoyment. If I feel like cracking open the laptop and writing out a post I am going to and if I don’t? That’s fine as well. Blogging is not going to be a second job. It’s a hobby. I wouldn’t force myself to go kayaking twice a day and I am not going to force myself to blog multiple times a day either.

My tongue in cheek review of episode one of Stranger Things? I did that because that entire post was floating around in my head and it was fun writing it out. I may not do another one. I may.

I will continue to post excerpts from the book that I have written but only when I feel like getting it out and putting up a new section.

Essentially what it boils down to is this: I want to have fun. I go to work and I work and then I come home and once I am home? It’s my time to enjoy myself. Whether that’s cooking dinner, watching a show, going for a walk, doing yoga, meeting a friend for coffee or blogging. Whatever I feel like doing in that moment is what I am going to do.

My instinct is that this plan will lead to better content on the blog. I think wanting to write something and enjoying the process of writing it will make what I write more enjoyable to read. Hopefully the joy I feel while putting together a post will come through to the reader.

Two things I am not going to do anymore? Check my stats to see how many views I am getting and the other thing to avoid is checking my word count to see how long of a post I am writing.

So yeah. A new simple formula. Write what I want when I want and focus on quality over quantity in terms of both words in a post and posts in a week.

This was fun. Maybe I will do it again soon!


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